Veterinary Care

AZ Veterinary Care

Happy & Healthy Pets

Not every veterinary medication source is the same. AZ compounding pharmacy prides itself on only purchasing chemicals from American wholesalers that can independently verify their ingredients with a certificate of analysis. This certificate confirms a chemical’s purity and effectiveness.

A woman holding a dog in her arms.

Furry Family Friends

Pets are family and need to be cared for and loved. With a complete line of veterinary care products, we are a great resource for their care. With a wide variety of dosage forms, flavors and proven formulations we are able to treat many of the common pet illnesses. Valley fever, diabetes, urinary disease, thyroid, adrenal disease, skin care, nutrition and much more.

Custom Formulations

Formulations can be made to order in a variety of forms and delicious flavors for your pet. Pricing starts as low as 24.99 with free mail delivery.